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The Best Dressed Table

The Best Dressed Table

Entertaining is one of life's most gratifying pleasures. Whether you’re sharing a cup of coffee or hosting a formal sit-down dinner, the essential element is the table: a place to enjoy good food, conversation and fun. The key to choosing the perfect tablecloth is to enjoy your own style, whether it's traditional, eclectic, understated or adventurous.

That being said, Couleur Nature has a few tips to put your table on the best-dressed list:

What's the season?

  • Lemon Tree tableclothSpark up a summer lawn or cocktail party with the Jardine or Tutti Frutti Collections.
  • Or contrast, “punching up” a winter’s day with a citrusy splash of the Orange or Lemon Tree Collections.
  • Invoke warmth and invitation with the autumn colors of the Pumpkin or Fleur des Indes Collections.

What's the occasion?

  • Whether festive or formal, color engages.
  • The understated Hemstitch Collection is always appropriate, providing a rich, elegant backdrop for more formal dining. 
  • Pair it with printed napkins for added festivity.
  • For an outdoor fete, the Tulip or Roses Collections are charming and vibrant. We also like our new Burlap tablecloths for their relaxed, laid-back feeling. They also pair well with patterned runners and napkins.
  • For the holidays, the Crocus or Poppy add flair and dynamic color.

What are you serving?

  • Fig Botanical tableclothIf you’re serving Mediterranean the Fig Botanical is a natural choice.
  • Or seat your guests at a table fitted with our Poire Collection and surprise them with poached pears in wine for dessert.

Have fun with light touches

  • Float a gardenia in one of our Bleu D'Chine or Paisley bowls.
  • Mix and match Kantha-stitched or vintage-inspired Bamboo placemats for a relaxed chic.

Finally, remember to relax and enjoy the process. You may have almost as much fun planning as you will during the actual event!

Practical Matters: What about the size?


Tablecloths come in four shapes: oblong, oval, round and square. There are also various sizes of these shapes to fit each table accordingly.Here are some general points to remember:

  • Rectangle tables look best with rectangle tablecloths.
  • Square tables look best with square tablecloths.
  • Round tables work well with both round and square tablecloths.

Measure the length and width of your table as well as your desired drop. The “drop” or the length of a tablecloth from the table’s edge to the floor is a matter of personal preference. Traditionalists suggest a 6 to 10 inch drop but a longer drop can be very dramatic, particularly if you’re layering a patterned tablecloth over a solid. (It’s always safer to have a bit of a longer drop than one that is too short.)

Use this equation: Tablecloth length = Length of table + (drop x 2)

For example, if your table is 60" and you prefer an 8" drop, you would need a table cloth that is at least 128"

Tip: Use a bed sheet to determine the length of the drop you prefer.

We hope the chart below will be helpful in choosing a size.

Couleur Nature Tablecloths

Tablecloth SizeTable DimensionsSeats 
59" x 59" Square/Round 29"–35" 2–4 Seats 2–4
59" x 86" 29"–35" x 56"–62" 4–6 Seats 4–6
70" Round 40"–46" 4–6 Seats 4–6
71" x 71" Square/Round 41"–47" 4–6 Seats 4–6
71" x 106" 41"–47" x 76"–82" 6–8 Seats 6–8
71" x 128" 41"–47" x 98"–104" 8–10 Seats 8–10
71" x 142" 41"–47" x 112"–118" 10–12 Seats 10–12
90" Round 62"–75" 8–10 Seats 8–10
90" x 90" Square/Round 61"–67" 10–12 Seats 10–12

Caravan Tablecloths

Tablecloth SizeTable DimensionsSeats 
70" x 70" Square/Round 40"–46" 4–6 Seats 4–6
70" x 90" 40"–46" x 60"–66" 6–8 Seats 6–8
70" x 108" 40"–46" x 78"–84" 8–10 Seats 8–10
70" x 120" 40"–46" x 90"–96" 8–10 Seats 8–10
70" x 128" 40"–46" x 98"–104" 8–10 Seats 8–10
90" Round 62"–75" 8–10 Seats 8–10


Runner SizeTable Dimensions
16" x 72" 30"–54" x 48"–70"
16" x 90" 30"–72" x 48"–88"

Duvet Covers

Mattress SizeDuvet Cover Dimensions
Queen 88" x 92"
King 108" x 92"


Mattress SizeQuilt Dimensions
Queen 94" x 102"
King 110" x 102"


Sham TypeSham Dimensions
Standard 21" x 27"
Euro 27" square

Sheet Sets

Mattress SizeSheet Dimensions
Queen 60" x 80" and 96" x 106"
King 78" x 80" and 110" x 106"

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