All About Tea Towels

Tea towels date back to early 19th century England when women used the linen for its soft fibers as a tool for drying their expensive china and serving ware without causing scratches or damage. The tea towel served many purposes on the tables of Victorian hostesses whether placed as a covering for tea time biscuits or used to wipe up spills. Today, the linen tea towel is still a beloved addition to any kitchen or outdoor setting. Whether you wrap it around the arm of your ice tea pitcher or leave it hanging on the handle of your grill, tea towels are a must for any host. Check out some of our favorite french tea towels for summer!



Lavender Tea Towels, $48 for 3.


Natural Batik Bird Tea Towels, $48 for 3.


Springfields Tea Towels, $48 for 3.


Sunflower Tea Towels, $48 for 3.