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Harvest Month in Provence

Harvest Month in Provence

September is harvest month in Provence. The vineyards fill with hands to pick the bounty, their fruit bursting with ripeness. The market stands are still replete with the best of summer, plus the start of autumnal produce. Figs are plentiful and the pomegranates are starting to ripen. Pears, aubergines, squash and juicy tomatoes still abundant. 

The muscat variety of grape is a staple table fruit in France in the fall months. One can buy a kilo or two and the entire lot will likely disappear in a day - the variety is so sumptuous.

Many people rave about the show of fall color in New England. Provence has its own show...the various assortments of vines in the region turn multiform shades of amber, crimson and gold. It is a fall parade of color.

The region starts to get more rain, after the arid summer months, and the vineyard rows fill in with the wild white flowers typical of the south of France for much of the year. It is a touching kind of beauty. Mixed with the storied light of Provence, the effect is as special as the rows of lavender or sunflowers.

 Photography and writing by Emilie Johnson. She lives in Provence and can be found on instagram at @emilie_joly_johnson