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Home is Everything: More Than Just a Tea Towel

Home is Everything: More Than Just a Tea Towel

Each and every Couleur Nature French Collection, comes with a happily vibrant set of three tea towels, and of course you can select a matching french tablecloth, napkins, placemats, a runner, and sometimes an apron. Tea towels or tea cloths originated in the United Kingdom in the 18th-century. In America, they are commonly referred to as dish towels or kitchen towels. Tea Towels have been a staple item for us here at Couleur Nature and we are proud that our linens are handmade, versatile, durable and most importantly sustainable. 

As we enter our fourth or fifth week of quarantine, we are discovering the everyday use of tea towels, especially when you’re running low on paper towels! We created a nice list for you to re-discover some new ways for you to utilize your tea towels, if you haven’t done so already. Every homemaker around the globe that loves the kitchen knows that you can’t have enough of them, especially because they are versatile around the home.

How to utilize your tea towels around the kitchen: 

  1. Paper towels

  2. Potholder and trivets

  3. Air dry dishes or even fruits and veggies over a flat tea towel 

  4. Cover rising bread dough 

  5. Spin salad and herbs dry

  6. Keep breads warm from the oven

  7. Line a basket

  8. Stabilize mixing bowls, cutting boards, and processors from moving

  9. Drain fried or oily food (beware of the stains) 

  10. Line a shelf or cabinet

  11. Use as a baby bib or replace napkins during dinner

  12. Store breakable dishes

Save money, continue to be sustainable and reduce waste in your kitchen as you cook everyday. It’s important to keep your towels sanitary, so we like to wash our towels every other day. Continue to share what you’re doing during this period, so we can keep connection, positivity, and share tricks around the home! #CNhome

Check out how our team uses our Couleur Nature & Caravan tea towels at home!