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A Visit to Provence with Gaura Tibbitts - Part 1

A Visit to Provence with Gaura Tibbitts - Part 1

Couleur Nature Founder, Gaura Tibbitts, is traveling throughout Europe this autumn and spent some time in Provence to visit friend-to-the-brand, Emilie Johnson. The days Gaura spent in Provence were packed with beautiful vistas, villages, markets, a visit to the sea, and a bit of cruising among the vineyards in a classic car. Gaura was excited to discover new inspiration for the brand’s beautiful prints, which all have their creative birthplace in this region.

During Gaura’s visit, Emilie wanted to showcase some of the most picturesque parts of Provence. In Part 2 they visit the market, villages and much more.

In this blog post, she outlines what they did and provides addresses and links for not-to-miss spots on a trip to Provence. 


First stop: a sunset glass of wine overlooking the velvet hills of Provence. We drove up to the tiny village of Vernègues to spend a moment soaking in the essence of Provence: its golden light, wilds of nature and the musical incantation of the wind as the sun sank below the horizon. 


Next on the itinerary was the seaside town of Cassis (if you’re in Provence, the sea is very near!), a charming little harbor on the Mediterranean. Fishing boats line this port, along with the multi-colored shuttered houses that so typify the south of France. Hovering above the port is the ancient castle of Cassis, providing a jaw-dropping backdrop.

We had lunch at one of the best spots in Cassis: La Presqu’île. This restaurant features high-end southern French cuisine, with a view of France’s highest sea cliff, Cap Canaille. The sea unfolds underneath the terrace where the tables are perched. The light from the water sparkles and dances in a mesmerizing fashion as one dines.

The food is as beautiful as it is delicious and the service shows the best of France.

We couldn’t head home without stopping to gaze out from the top of Cap Canaille. It is a 1,300-foot drop from the highest spot, a dizzying point overlooking the vast sea, the turquoise bays of Cassis, and the cliffs that run between Cassis in Marseille. Not to be missed: here is a pin on the map of where to park


I was excited to spread the table at our house for Gaura, with one of my favorite Couleur Nature prints (Jardin Red & Grey). We made a traditional meal featuring gratin dauphinois and ratatouille, leaving room for an expansive cheese tasting, featuring our finds from the market. We sat and let the sun go down until just the amber glow of the candles lit our smiles and plates.