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Provence Insider Spot: L'Arlatan in Arles

Provence Insider Spot: L'Arlatan in Arles

There is a spot in Arles, France that is unique to Provence. It is called L'Arlatan. Built in a majestic hôtel particulier from the middle ages (XXI c.), the space has been melded into a permanent contemporary art exhibition while celebrating the beautiful ancient structure and bones.

What makes the hotel so special is artist Jorge Pardo's work. 6,000 square meters (over 60,000 square feet) of mosaic tiles don the walls, floors and spaces. It is utmost in its artistic ambition and execution. He used 2 million tile pieces to adorn the hotel.

The central courtyard with its beautiful staircase houses the hotel's fresh and seasonal restaurant, which is open daily. The bar is also a lovely evening space. The hotel is set in the center of Arles and a jaunt around the city - to its Roman ruins, shops and lovely streets lies just outside the doors of the hotel. 

Photography and writing by Emilie Johnson. She can be found on instagram at @emilie_joly_johnson