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Simplicity to Extravagance: Table Linens

Simplicity to Extravagance: Table Linens

There’s a table linen out there for everyone. We mean it. Whether your taste leans toward the simple, yet elegant, or you like being gloriously extravagant, a unique snowflake, or anywhere in between, there’s a French linen tablecloths that will seem as though it was made just for you.




Our Burlap Natural Tablecloth lies on the simple end of the spectrum. This table linen‘s simplicity and utility make it perfect for year round use. I love it’s minimalist, utilitarian design; it holds a certain, understated glamour. Of course, the true genius of the Burlap table linen is that it acts as a blank canvas for your table, allowing you to dress the table up with colorful accessories like placemats, napkins, and silverware. Top it off with a magnificent assortment of foods beautiful enough to make the angels weep.




For those of you who want something with a little more spice without being overly fabulous, try the Lavender Tablecloth. Predominately displaying the lavender flower, it has a lovely color palette with amethyst, chartreuse, and pink. Featuring broad color strokes, juxtaposed against the quiet activity of the lavender flowers, this table linen gets the best of both worlds.



And finally, if you want something truly outrageous, try our Jardine Tablecloth. Inspired by the lush, loosely tended gardens of Southern France, these table linens feature a gorgeous mishmash of a multitude of different flowers, all against a backdrop of varying shades of green. Pair it with any contract furniture. It’s like inviting the beauty of the outdoors onto your dining room table. The linen as a whole is richly colored, and is sure elicit a few comments from dining guests, if not an outright “Wow!” Of course, if you find the design fabulously beautiful, and use it for all of your meals, go ahead. We promise we won’t tell anyone.

Do you like your linens simple but elegant, extravagant, or somewhere in between? Let us know in the comments below!