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5 ways to celebrate spring!

5 ways to celebrate spring!

New season, new you!

Spring is here at last! Here at Couleur Nature, we love all of the seasons and the changes they bring - from the snow during wintertime, to the burnt oranges and browns of leaves in fall, but there’s something really special about these first weeks of spring. The temperature finally starts to get warmer, the evenings become longer and flowers start to blossom.

Spring blossom

It’s a time for new beginnings, fresh starts and regrowth - in nature, and also for people. Easter is a time of reflection for many Christians, but for other people it is not about religion, but personal growth; a time to recalibrate and think about where you are, and where you want to be. There are many secular ways you can celebrate spring and the Easter holiday. Here are some of our favorites! (And we promise not to use a single egg pun.)


1. Easter egg decorating

Easter egg decorating

Egg dyeing is a fun and easy way for egg decorating to adorn your table or garden. Simply mix a cup of boiling water, a teaspoon of vinegar and approximately 15 drops of food color to achieve the colors you’d like. Dip hard-cooked eggs in the dye for about 5 minutes.

However, if you want an egg decorating idea that is a little more fancy, try a unique Easter egg design. If you’re having guests over for Easter, mark each place at the table with an egg, bearing the initial of each guest. Just hand write the letters on with a gold pen for a beautiful talking point!

A third simple tip for how to decorate Easter eggs (and our personal favorite) is to create a marbled effect using nail polish. Fill a plastic container with room temperature water, and add a few drops of your chosen shade of nail polish. Stir it to create a marbled effect.

Wear rubber gloves - this is important - and dip the hard boiled egg in. Remove the egg and dry, by resting the egg on four pins stuck in a square shape into some foam.


2. Easter egg hunt

easter egg hunt

While the White House has its annual Easter Egg Roll, why not get involved with an Easter egg hunt - great fun for adults, and the kids in your life too!

There are lots of good Easter egg hunt ideas. For example, once you’ve hidden your eggs (chocolate or painted) around the yard or in the park where your hunt is due to take place, set a base and some rules - such as once you’ve found 5 eggs you need to return to base and wait for everyone else before setting out again.

Easter egg hunt clues at each egg to lead participants to the next is always good fun. If you can think of a rhyme for each one, all the better. For example: ‘Near the end of the path / under the largest tree / spot the red flower / and your prize you will see’. Happy Easter egg hunting!


3. Spring cleaning

While in the traditional sense, this refers to cleaning out the house after the winter; opening the windows and letting the fresh air in, we also mean metaphorically. It’s a good time to get your affairs in order and do those jobs you’ve been putting off! Set yourself a spring cleaning list to make it a more visual thing, and take joy in ticking off the individual items. It also connects nicely to...


4. Bring the new season into your home (and why not celebrate with a family feast!)

A fresh start, a new look, and time to refresh! There’s nothing as satisfying as a new lick of paint in your dining room or kitchen to bring a room back to life and give it a completely new look. The Couleur Nature spring collection is an easy way to give your home a new look for the season. We have a wide range of fine quality French tablecloths, napkins and accessories. All our linen is traditionally made by expert artisans, featuring rich, fresh colors, beautiful designs - and are machine washable, so you don’t need to worry about any spillage after you’ve had the family over for an Easter feast.

Spring tablecloth

5. Plant some flowers

Finally, why not bring nature into your home or yard - plant some bulbs so you can enjoy the experience as they bloom into color and release the scent of spring into the air. There’s nothing more wonderful than some fresh flowers, whether they’re on your dining table, blossoming in the yard or in a window box outside your living room.

There are other benefits beyond the aesthetics, too - people who have flowers in their living area report less anxiety, raised energy and happiness. They don’t only help you, but they’re a haven for bugs as well, who need these floral areas in an increasingly urban world. You can increase biodiversity and create a safe space for bees, butterflies and beetles, as well as attracting birds.

Flowers in spring

We hope you enjoy your spring celebrations and that you have the chance to spend some time with family, friends and loved ones this spring!