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9 Beautiful blogs and instagrams you need to follow

9 Beautiful blogs and instagrams you need to follow

Here at Couleur Nature, we love browsing through interiors blogs and instagram to get inspiration for our own dining rooms and to find delicious french recipes to try out in the kitchen. We’ve put together a list of our favourite blogs and instagrams to share with you, so you can get inspiration for your home.

Apartment Therapy

You can’t really have a list of your favourite interior instagrams and blogs without mentioning the wonderful Apartment Therapy. They don’t just cover French, or country style interiors, but it is a great place to go for inspiration. Take a look at their dining room tours, or follow them on instagram for some great ideas.


Igor Josif - Happy Interior Blog

The Happy Interior combines beautiful travel imagery with inspiring interiors. Its written by the brilliant Igor Josif and has a relaxed and calm feel. We particularly love his blog about his weekend in Colmar, France, and the lovely photos that he has taken. His instagram is also packed full of colourful photos, wonderful travel imagery and snapshots of his world.  

Beeta Hashempour - Mon Petit Four

We couldn’t really be the best designers of French tablecloths if we didn’t have a couple of food blogs on here, and obviously, we adore french food. Mon Petit Four is packed full of delicious french recipes, that anyone can make, every day. Its simple and easy.

Their instagram is full of images that will make you dream of sitting in a little cafe in paris, drinking espresso and enjoying a sweet pastry.

Little French cakes flavored with pistachios and crisp around the edges 😍

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Kim - Savvy Southern style

Kim over at Savvy Southern Style has an instagram that encapsulates everything we love about the French interior. It’s all about creating that rustic French farm house style. Exactly the kind of aesthetic that we try and create with our French tablecloths here at Couleur Nature.

If you want inspiration from someone who is renovating their own house, or has an eye for gorgeous, rustic french interiors, then Savvy Southern Style is the place to visit.


Kelly Elko

Kelly Elko is a brilliant place for inspiration for your vintage style interior. Kelly lives in a gorgeous, old house, filled with eclectic details and colour. Her instagram is full of cute interior shots, historical buildings and the odd, gorgeous landscapes.

Its one of the best places on the internet to get ideas for your interior, especially if you live in an older property.

Jacquelyn Clark - Lark & Linen

Jacquelyn Clark, from Lark and Linen, has the most beautiful instagram account. It’s filled with soft focus images of the outdoors and gorgeous images of the most stylish interiors. In fact, that is what makes Lark and Linen so wonderful to look at. It is so, incredibly stylish that it will make you want to move to a big house on the coast, or completely redecorate at the very least.

If you follow one instagram today, make sure it is Jacquelyn Clarks.  


Kristie Barnette - The Decorologist

The Docorologist is a lesson in styling. Kristie Barnette stages houses before they are sold. She’s a professional at making homes look their best, so she knows a thing or two about teaching you to do the same. She also runs courses, so that anyone can learn to do it, whether you want to stage houses for a living, or you just want to be great at styling.

Kristie’s instagram is packed with gorgeous interiors, interesting places and old buildings.


Ann Mah

Ann Mah creates gorgeous, simple, French food that you can replicate at home. Her instructions are easy to follow and her photos will be enough to get you cooking food, just so you can try it. Her instagram is full of beautiful food imagery and photos from her travels. It makes great inspiration for your kitchen.