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Mother’s Day Gift Guide

Mother’s Day Gift Guide

The History of Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is the holiday which honors moms throughout the world, with Mother’s Day in the USA falling on Sunday, May 13th in 2018. The American version became an official U.S. holiday in 1914 and has grown over the last century to become so much more than a celebration of one’s mom. It has expanded to pay tribute to not just mothers, but matriarchs and mentors in all walks of life, whether or not they are mothers; recognising inspirational women all over the world for their hard work and good deeds.

So whether you’re honoring your mom, wife, grandmother, aunt, niece, sister or simply a woman who means a lot to you and deserves some recognition, we thought we’d put together a few ideas for how you can tell them how special they are, and warm their heart!

Unique Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

If you’re looking for something different this year, you could make a cost-effective and unique gift in the form of a keepsake memory box. Whether you have photographs, notes and trinkets or other mementos, collecting them all together in a personalised gift box is a wonderful way to celebrate mother’s day. This idea isn’t limited to mothers; it’s a perfect way to celebrate your relationship with your wife, partner, aunt, niece, sister or a special friend who deserves some love.

Mother’s Day Gift Ideas For Your Wife

What better way to show appreciation to your wife than with a gift you can both enjoy in your home? Modern life sometimes gets in the way of putting time aside for each other to enjoy quality moments together. Why not indulge in some beautiful table linen and accessories? Brighten up the dining room or kitchen and cook a meal together to enjoy in a room with a fresh new look, thanks to a traditionally hand-printed, vibrant tablecloth.

Mother's day tablecloth

Mother’s Day Gift Ideas For The First Time Mom (or Mom to Be)

If your partner or someone you know is expecting their first child, while they may not be mothers just yet, they still deserve some recognition for dealing with the back pain, discomfort, and other irritations of pregnancy! It’s a special moment in life and one that should be recognised as such. A ‘My Baby’ keepsake box is a great idea to help new moms hold on to precious memories of the milestones of motherhood, from first curls, teeth or hospital bands, to photos, toys and certificates. The boxes can even be saved and used as gifts for the child when they reach their 18th birthday.

Mother's Day Gift Ideas For Grandma

We love this idea for making a cute, colorful and personal gift for grandma, while giving you the opportunity to spend some time being creative with the kids! The concept is simple: creating a paper garden that doesn’t require watering or maintenance. From cacti to ferns, flowers to shrubs, try following this easy paper plants tutorial to create your own botanical garden in no time! 

Paper flower

Easy DIY Mother's Day Gifts

Get crafty and make a truly personal gift. For the creative lady in your life, buy a journal for their notes, thoughts, recipes, to-do lists or musings. Write a heartfelt note inside to make it special.

Whatever gift you decide to go with, a handmade card with a personal message inside will always make someone’s day, so be sure to include one with your gift. A photo of the two of you, or memory of a special time you shared together on the front will go a long way to making them feel special.

We hope this guide has inspired you to think of ways to show your appreciation for the ladies in your life! Whether you’re a mother or not, enjoy this mother’s day as a celebration of inspirational women everywhere.