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Simple & Savory Purple Roasted Artichokes

Simple & Savory Purple Roasted Artichokes

Today, we want to share a delicious and simple recipe using purple artichokes. Here in Provence, these artichokes are a Mediterranean specialty and appear in the outdoor village markets in starting very early spring (through summer). Known by its Latin name, "Cynara Scolymus" is known for its rich flavor. These artichokes are often consumed raw in Provence - when picked very early.

The artichoke is an ancient vegetable. The wild ancestor of the artichoke is the thistle and its first cousin, the cardoon. The purple artichoke has an earthy/nutty flavor. This vegetable originated in the Mediterranean region (all the way back to the 8th c. BC). In ancient times, artichokes were associated with fertility and immortality.

Artichokes are not only delicious but also packed with nutrients. They are a good source of fiber, vitamins C and K, and antioxidants.

One of the best and most classic ways to prepare artichokes is to roast them. Here is our version of a very simple take on that process:

Roasted Mediterranean Purple Artichokes


Purple artichokes
Garlic cloves
Olive oil


1. Rinse and dry the artichokes
2. Trim the stem to 1 inch
3. Remove the bottom leaves along the stem and cut an inch off the top of the artichoke, also removing sharp points off the ends of each leaf
4. Cut the artichokes in half, squeezing lemon on them immediately to avoid oxidization
5. Remove the choke (furry part of the vegetable inside)
6. Insert one garlic clove (or a half) into the crook where the choke has been removed
7. Place on a parchment papered sheet pan drizzle olive oil everywhere. Add salt and pepper
8. Place lemons on the baking sheet with the artichokes and roast for 10 minutes.
9. After 10 minutes, cover with aluminum foil and continue to roast for 25 more minutes
10. Remove from oven and place on a platter. If you wish to add a sauce, you can melt butter and add lemon juice