Symbolism in Table Linens

Did you know that, in addition to their beautiful looks, the designs of some of our table linens also feature symbolism? A symbol is an object that represents an entity, action, belief, or idea.


For instance, there’s our Poppies collection of tablecloths. Poppies are most commonly known as symbols of sleep and peace. Throughout history, doctors have long been using the poppy flower and its extracts as painkillers.


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We know now that this property is due to the poppy seed containing morphine, a substance used today as a sedative and as anesthetic.The poppy flower is responsible for making the lives of doctors and nurses easier, and for saving the lives of many people. 

Olives, like the ones in our Olive Tree table linens, are symbolic of peace and victory. It became the symbol for victory in Ancient Greece, where, as the story goes, the goddess of wisdom, Athena, was competing with the god of the sea, Poseidon, to become the patron god of a new city. The god with the greater gift to the city would win.

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Poseidon created a water fountain, but it only spouted salt water. Athena created the olive tree, a pretty plant that also happened to provide food. Athena was pronounced the winner, and the city was named Athens in her honor. From that moment on, it became tradition for brides to wear olive wreaths, and for Olympic victors to be awarded the same. Years later, the Roman poet Virgil used an olive branch as a symbol for peace in his epic poem, the Aeneid, which explains its second meaning.


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Also consider our Natural Batik Bird table linens. The bird is pretty much universally recognized as the symbol of freedom. After all, the bird spends its days soaring majestically through the skies, free to go wherever it pleases (though it has a tendency to go south in the winter). John Lennon even wrote a song about the connection between birds and freedom. When we humans look skyward, and see the birds up there, flying free, we begin to think of our own potential, of what we can do with our freedom. We begin to believe that a man can fly.




There are many symbols in the world today; they’re an integral component of human society. What are some of your favorite symbols?