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Home is Everything: Spring Cleaning

Home is Everything: Spring Cleaning

Dear friends, 

As COVID-19 progresses, we too, are feeling a huge shift to this global pandemic. As we pivot in a new direction, we want to focus on making sure that you are supported and that you feel the most comfortable at home because after all, home is everything. 

Our first topic is spring cleaning. As we navigate through this period, I’m sure your to-do list and projects are growing. Spring cleaning can be daunting, but we want to encourage you by giving a list of spaces to go through in one day or even a few days. An organized house can keep you happy and productive. 

The Kitchen

We know the kitchen has always been your favorite space, but the inside of your drawers and cabinets can accumulate dirt and dust. Why not go through each drawer and cabinet, then organize what you want to keep and donate. Everyone has one or two of those miscellaneous drawers that needs attention stat! Don’t forget to sanitize your counters. 

Your Closet

As we spend more time inside, one area of the home that can always get organized, but normally gets pushed to the back burner would be our closet! Over here at Couleur Nature, we like to use the Marie Kondo tactics - put all your clothing onto your bed and go through each piece of clothing and ask yourself “does it spark joy”? Create two piles, keep and donate. If you haven’t worn an item in two years, we say donate.


Rounding out your spring cleaning, wouldn’t be complete if you didn’t organize your bathroom. The busyness of everyday life plus the amount of times we actually use this room, makes it especially important that we are sanitizing this space. Take your time going through each piece in each drawer and toss what you don’t need. A great way to separate the different items you have, is to purchase little crates or bins that can keep all your belongings organized. If you haven’t used a product for more than a year, toss it!

Linen Drawer

Our linens are so important to us, it's what touches our skin first and what keeps us warm at night. Alternatively your Couleur Nature French Tablecloths and handwoven Caravan Kitchen Towel Linens are just as crucial. (If you happen to be low on paper towels right now, use your napkins and kitchen towels instead. Make sure to wash daily).

Take everything out of your linen closet and clean those dust mites and corners first. Make sure you are regularly swapping your linens in and out. You can reorganize them to color coordinate, which seems like an easy and therapeutic way to keep happy during this time. 

We hope that you can utilize some of these tips or inspire someone around you to spend time this weekend thinking about your home and space differently. After those few days of organization, you’ll be able to spend more time doing creative and fun things you’ve always wanted. Lastly please don’t forget to go outside and get some fresh air!