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A jewel along the coast of Southern France

A jewel along the coast of Southern France

There is a bit of Marseille - the furthest bit - where one feels as if she's come to the end of the earth. Technically, it's only the 8th arrondissement of Marseille (the 2nd biggest city in France), but Les Goudes is other-worldly and so well-preserved. Like much of the city, Les Goudes sits perched on the edge of the Mediterranean. It is essentially an outcrop of Marseille, in the form of a tiny fisher-port, with the backdrop of majestic stone sculptures and the turquoise sea of southern France.

The city feels far far away and the expansive sea and wild limstone cliffs of the famous calanques of Marseille begin here. This is some of the best swimming and hiking territory in the south of France.

The sea is lush and replete with beautiful fish and wildlife.

There are two remarkable spots to sit and have a meal - especially if one is a seafood fan. The first is the restaurant La Baie des Singes at the very end of the land, a point called Cap Croisette. Here, one can rent a beach lounger and spend the whole day. At lunch, the waiter brings a tray of freshly caught fish to admire and choose from. The view is extraordinary.

The other spot not to miss is called Tuba Club. Tuba is remarkable for its position on the sea, its clientele (you'll likely spot French stars here), and its delicious seafood (make certain to reserve well in advance). Tuba is also a small boutique hotel (5 very charming rooms). A true getaway spot.

Make sure to put Les Goudes on your map if you're near the sea in Southern France.