Our Story

Brighten up your dining with handmade French linens

Idyllic landscapes, sumptuous colors, and the beauty of Southern France.

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Enrich Your Home with the Beauty of France

Couleur Nature comprises a collection of elegant table linens designed to reflect the idyllic landscapes, sumptuous colors, and natural beauty of Southern France. We aim to bring a Provençal sense of effortless beauty, rich color, and joie de vivre to your life and home — no matter where you live. 

Our original designs are carefully crafted in Paris before being hand-printed by skilled artisans in Jaipur, India. Not only do these vibrant products enliven your home and table, they also provide living wages and benefits for the artisans who make them. 

Our Founders
Bruno Lamy

and exclusive designer for Couleur Nature. A distinguished and classically trained French artist, Bruno came across the time-honored technique of handcrafted woodblock printing while traveling through India. Inspired by the unique beauty and intricacy of this venerable art form, Bruno began designing the array of captivating French table linens which became the Couleur Nature collection.

Gaura Tibbitts

of Couleur Nature’s American division, as well as the founder of its sister brand Caravan. Having grown up in France before moving to Southern California, Gaura has always felt a deep connection with the beauty and richness of French culture. It was during a trip to France over two decades ago that Gaura first met Bruno and became captivated by Couleur Nature’s rich sense of history and craft. Soon after, Gaura passionately threw himself into helping launch Couleur Nature as a global brand — and since then, the company has grown into a thriving enterprise.