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Antibes, France

Antibes, France

Along the Côte d'Azur in the south of France sits Antibes, one of the most charming towns on this stretch of Mediterranean seaside. The French who live here are referred to as 'les Antibois' and can boast some of the best weather and vistas in the country. Winters are temperate and sunny and the rest of the year is bliss.

The heart of Antibes is a charming old village, surrounded by 16th century stone ramparts, giving it an encompassed feeling. The ramparts border the sea, so the town has spectacular views of the Mediterranean and the snow-covered Alps in the distance.

Antibes is famous for its beaches...with water this color - and abutting the town, one understands why.

Antibes has an acclaimed Provençal market. Open daily, visitors and locals alike congregate here in devotion to the spread of fresh fruits, vegetables, flowers, spices, cheese, meats, fish, baskets and much more. Walking through the enclosed market space is a pleasure, even if you walk away empty-handed. The colors, smells and sounds are worth the sortie.

Just as pleasurable is a long wander through the small streets of the old town. Plants and stone collide with the sun and terra cotta light of the place. Nestled in the old town is the grand Château Grimaldi, which houses the Picasso Museum...a must see. Visit the Fort Carré for spectacular Mediterranean views.

And the sea! Beaches are everywhere in this part of France and it is hard to get a sea-outing wrong here, but don't miss an upcoming article on which is the best beach near Antibes.