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Easter Brunch: A Time for Family

Easter Brunch: A Time for Family

Easter is one of our favorite celebrations of the year.

It’s the time when kids come back from college, making it the first occasion in which the whole family is all back together again. We love the opportunity to foster community, especially given that Easter is a time rich with meaning and family tradition for us. Oh, and since it’s spring — so in theory, we can all celebrate outside in the sunshine, right?

Easter Sunday Activities

With all that family around, there are plenty of opportunities to have fun together. There’s always the classic Easter egg hunt, which, perhaps surprisingly, is a tradition stretching back centuries, to Martin Luther and possibly before. And if your home is anything like ours, then whether you’re decorating eggs or prepping a backyard Easter egg hunt, you’re likely to find these activities appeal to more than just the kids in the family. Color in our new Celine Glassware available in Rose Pink & Blue in three different sizes at a Set of 6 for all your different festivities!