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Summertime Is Here Again!

Summertime Is Here Again!


Memorial Day has come and gone, marking the unofficial start of summer. Spring is a wonderful season, but I believe we’re all ready for what summer brings with it: warm skies and balmy breezes that contribute to the ultimate hedonistic lifestyle, reminding us of the wonderful atmosphere along the Mediterranean Coast, in beautiful cities like Marseille and Nice. It’s also a good time to refresh your home decorations with a summer-inspired palette.




Consider our selection of Color Pop Glasses, which come in several different summer colors: lime, orange, turquoise, and white. You can choose to get a single set if you like uniformity in your glassware, or, if you like having a variety of colors to choose from, you can get several. Whatever your personal choice is, these glasses are perfect for holding your drink in. Blending minimalism with a hint of colorful attitude, you can break out the set when serving your favorite French inspired drinks. My personal favorite is Sirop de Grenadine.




For many, lemonade is an essential part of summer. Subverting the sourness of its main ingredient, lemonade is a delicious treat, and many will choose to see lemons as a component of sweetness rather than focus on its sour nature. A diamond in the rough, if you will. Like many people, we prefer to focus on the sweet potential of the lemon. In keeping with that line of thought, here is our Lemon Tree Collection, consisting of aprons, napkins, placemats, runners, and french linen tablecloths.  Delight your friends and family by serving them delicious food accompanied by the natural beauty of the lemon tree. If you’re feeling a little cheeky, you can serve them lemonade in a set of our Lime Color Pop Glasses.



If you love going to the beach, take a look at our Navy Natural Stripe set of table linens, which includes napkins, placemats, runners, and tea towels. Their  breezy blue and white stripes have such a classic nautical look, bringing to mind thoughts of a nice day at the beach. Whether your favorite beach activity is sunbathing or sail-boating, the common element bringing it all together is the gentle lapping waves of the crystal blue water, whether those waters be at the Mediterranean or at your local beach. Use them at home, or take them out on a picnic by the beach.


And here is our Wheel collection of ceramics, if you’re looking to renew your crockery set.  They are painted with an earth-inspired palette, featuring flowers nestled in circles, and colors that are at once bold and yet, regally subdued. Every piece is unique, featuring its own color set while still retaining the elegant overall design scheme. The end effect is a crockery set that inspires and complements the beautiful presentation of any dish you serve, rather than competing with it. These hand painted ceramics come in sets of four, perfect for serving a small group of friends and family.

Let us know your favorite summer memories in the comments below!