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Gorgeous... This is an absolutely lovely tablecloth. The colors are extremely vibrant and festive. Overall, this is a beautiful, well-made item, and I definitely recommend it.

Jamie's Review

Beautiful tablecloth. Absolutely stunning. I want to buy the entire collection by this manufacturer.

Greg's Couleur Nature Review

Great quality and they look terrific! Not your ordinary placemats. Would definitely buy this brand again.

Linda's Couleur Nature Review

This tablecloth is truly beautiful and of excellent quality. The impressionist style (think Monet) is well-executed on quality cotton fabric. The pattern will do a great job of masking stains or spills.

Stephen's Couleur Nature Review

I like to decorate my dining-room table according to the different seasons and holidays. I love this tablecloth — it brightens the dining room and compliments the Ukrainian Easter Eggs I put in the center every Easter.

Marion's Couleur Nature Review

I am in love with Couleur Nature linens, specifically the Bruno Lamy designs. The linens are all cotton and each one is handmade, so the slight imperfections are what make the cloth unique... They are worth every penny to me.

Susie's Couleur Nature Review