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Not to miss in Provence: Oppède-le-Vieux

Not to miss in Provence: Oppède-le-Vieux

Oppède-le-Vieux is a tiny village in the Luberon that seems to be suspended in time. It is right up against the Petit Luberon mountains, nestled in for protection. Its church and chateau date back to the 12th century. Especially in the off-season (tourists flock here in July and August), this village is truly special. 

Since the village is built up into the cliff, start at the center and wander your way up, up, up - snaking stone paths, charming houses covered in vines and roses. Climb all the way up to the small chapelle that sits at the crest of the outcrop and looks down on the village and the broader Luberon valley. It is breathtaking.

The interior of the Chappelle is filled with wonder. The palette of the walls, the original painting and restored work, are extremely beautiful. The bright colors show the chapelle as it was back in time…these churches were vibrant. 

Periodically, the village will offer a series of concerts. The acoustics in the chapelle couldn’t be finer. Every year at the end of August, there is a concert series called “Les Concerts au Coucher de Soleil.” This year will feature Mozart’s Cosi Fan Tutte and a series of angelic voices. If you happen to be in Provence at the end of August here is the site for more information and tickets: https://www.lesconcertsaucoucherdesoleil.com/