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Tulips in Provence

by Emilie Johnson

When we moved to France five years ago, one of the first things I planned was a spring trip to Holland to visit the tulip fields. They were indeed spectacular, but little did I know, similar fields were growing right here under our noses in Provence. The fields are spectacular and seemingly endless...brilliant reds, yellows, powdery whites, candy pinks, lavender and burgundy - a rainbow of perfectly groomed stripes. They bloom every year in April and it is only in these fields that olive groves and tulip fields collide...uniquely Provence.

The blooms are ephemeral because of the nature of the production. Tulip cultivators cut the heads of the flower once in full bloom. It seems strange, but the plant then focuses its energy back into the bulb. The bulb is ultimately what is sold to market.

These fields grow in Haute Provence, between the villages of Lurs and Brillanne. If ever in Provence in April, a must-see!

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