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Linen Stitch Napkins Chambray Stripe, Set of 4


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Our Linen Stitch napkins are handmade from 100% Fine Linen. Similar to our Laundered Linen Collection but differing slightly in the finished style, known as Chambray. A term that refers to the result of weaving a lightweight woven fabric consisting of white yarns filling out the weft and colored yarns lining the warp. The linen is also stonewashed for a softer texture creating a look that is leisurely and effortless.

Modest with a touch of old-world chic, these laundered linens are perfect for midday picnics, complementing vintage decor, or softening a modern dining room setting.

  • Our refined collection of laundered linens embodies a nostalgic vintage European style.
  • Each 100% linen napkin is entirely handmade, yarn dyed, and washed by hand for a comforting texture.
  • Easy care and practical: machine washable, ironing is optional.
  • Set of 4 napkins, each measuring a generous 20 inches square.
  • A Caravan exclusive.

Fast Shipping on All US Orders

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Every tablecloth, napkin, etc. is expertly handcrafted in India using ancient woodblock printing techniques.

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