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Our Top 7 Holiday Gifts for Christmas 2017

Our Top 7 Holiday Gifts for Christmas 2017

With Christmas fast approaching, it’s the time of year when everybody is either considering the gifts they’ll be buying for their loved ones, or thinking about what they might like for themselves...indeed, possibly both!

This week we’re taking a look at our favorite holiday gifts to help you and your family set the perfect Christmas table on the big day. Let us take you on a journey from preparing the turkey, all the way through to that feeling of having eaten slightly (or much) too much, with your feet up on Christmas night. We have some great gift ideas along the way to help make the day even more special.

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1. French Linen Apron

French apron

Forgive us for starting our holiday gift list with one of our own items, but of course we love our French linen aprons. The Fleur des Indes, in particular, is a lovely choice for Christmas. With swirling flowers and curling vines, the rich tones of this apron are sophisticated and classy, and ideal for festive occasions.


2. Crocus Linen Tablecloth

So, the cook is equipped with a beautiful apron. Now it’s time to get your table in order. This seasonal Crocus table linen is the perfect way to set the scene and transform the room for a wonderful traditional Christmas meal. A rich palette of winter greens, reds and burgundy brings the warmth and joy of the season into your home. Hand printed and machine washable, this French linen tablecloth will get your meal off to a great start, leaving you to concentrate on preparing an incredible meal.

Christmas tablecloth

3. Table Runner

A beautiful alternative to our tablecloth is the simplicity of a runner, such as this Gooseberry Table Runner. Perfect if you want to show off your table while still enjoying a splash of color and a festive feel, this runner will bring elegance to your Christmas table.

Christmas table runner

4. Wine Bottle Holder and Pourer

This beautifully-designed wine bottle holder and pourer turns your bottle of vino into a wonderful table centerpiece, thanks to its sleek stainless steel construction and elegant curved design. A great gift to unwrap on Christmas morning to be put through its paces during Christmas dinner.

wine bottle holder and pourer


5. Lafayette Wine Glasses

The turkey is ready to be carved and the wine is ready to be poured. Why not toast the company of family and friends with these elegant Lafayette wine glasses? A beautiful decorative touch with a classic look.

Wine glasses for Christmas


6. Marble Cheese Board

Even when the main course is over, everybody always has some room left for cheese. This marble board is the ultimate accessory for serving your fine selection of cheeses to your guests. Its natural white marble with subtle purple and grey swirls will add a touch of sophistication to your Christmas table.

Marble Cheese Board


7. Winter Fireplace Pinecones

winter pinecones

Once your delicious meal is over and the plates are all piled up, ready to be washed, it’s time to sit back and relax by the fire. These Winter Fireplace Pinecones are a great way to add a spark (sorry) to the evening - they’re specially treated with a formula which turns the flames of your fireplace a brilliant green for up to 10 minutes. Simply toss a couple into the fire and watch it come alive!

Now put your feet up and enjoy the warmth of the fire as you reflect on your perfect Christmas feast.